Amrop Executive Search

Client: Amrop Executive Search
Location: Handelsplein, Amstelveen
Size: 440 m2
Year: 2019

In its search for a new office, Amrop Executive Search ended up in an existing office building in Amstelveen. To give it the modern and solid appearance required, the vast majority of the office was renovated. supported Amrop by designing the office and ensuring the successful completion of the renovation. The design focuses on creating a serene office that exudes professionalism, is pleasant for the many visitors who come by, and embodies Amrop. The design is sleek, organized, and effectively showcases the corporate identity and international image of Amrop.

The office has a semi-open workspace, where the four partner rooms separate the open areas from each other. There’s an open feeling and culture, but this layout provides the necessary tranquility and overview. There is a central area where employees can relax and where visitors can sit and receive their daily dose of greenery: a six-meter-high green wall. Furthermore, the office has a large meeting room and a pantry is present.